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AllenISD Blue Ribbon School Award Application

Lovejoy ISD students starting with the graduation class of 2010 will no longer attend Allen High School
Lovejoy ISD will open it's first high school Fall 2006



Allen High School's mission statement is: "Each student's potential shall be revealed, respected, and fulfilled." By offering a safe and secure environment for each student, students can feel at ease to focus on their participation in various programs. To find which programs, courses, and activities best fit his or her talents, counseling is offered to students with input from parents. Rigorous coursework is provided for all students to ensure that AHS respects each student's intellect and prepares each student for post-secondary pursuits. With more than 90% of the student body attending post-secondary institutions, AHS constantly monitors what colleges and corporations say is needed for a successful future. By reminding and revealing to parents and students what skills and knowledge will be needed for the students to be successful when they leave high school in programs such as "Eagle Vision," all stakeholders understand what options exist for each student. Campus programs, organizations, and clubs are organized to help each student fulfill his or her educational potential. This includes helping students become socially aware and physically fit. By achieving the mission, AHS enhances the lives and spirits of young people - our future.
Using the mission as a foundation for decision-making, AHS maintains flexibility in scheduling each student's program to ensure that the student doesn't miss any opportunities that will help fulfill his or her potential. The AHS faculty and administration embrace the efforts of parents and the community in the partnership to do what is best for the individual student. Whether it involves doubling the time a student has in a specific course to help the student gain the needed skills, or allowing the student a more flexible schedule to allow the student to be off-campus to take advantage of other opportunities, AHS flexes to ensure that each student receives the service he or she deserves.

AHS is a school any parent would desire for their child. A well-prepared and caring staff and administration takes pride in helping the children who come to AHS as sophomores leave as young adults upon graduation. While maintaining the highest educational standards, the school culture remains nurturing without suffocating the students' need to explore their potential.

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