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AllenISD Blue Ribbon School Award Application

Lovejoy ISD students starting with the graduation class of 2010 will no longer attend Allen High School
Lovejoy ISD will open it's first high school Fall 2006




______Middle School Previous National Special Honors Candidate:

______Junior High School Blue Ribbon School: ______ Special Education

X High School ____ Yes ____ No ______ Technology

If yes, year(s)____


2001-2002 Blue Ribbon Schools Program Certification

Name of Principal: Mr. Bob Caudle_____________________

(Specify: Ms., Miss, Mrs., Dr., Mr., Other) (As it should appear in the official records)

Official School Name: Allen High School________________

(As it should appear in the official records)

School Mailing: 300 Rivercrest Blvd. Tel: (972)-727-0400____

Street/P.O. Box

Address: Allen Tx. 75002 Fax: (972)-727-0515____

Website/URL: _________________

County: ______Collin Nearest Major Airport/City, State: DFW, Dallas Tx_

I have reviewed the information in this package, including the eligibility requirements
on page 3, and certify that to the best of my knowledge all information is accurate.

Date: __________________________

(Principal's Signature)

Private Schools: If the information requested is not applicable, write N/A in the space.


Name of Superintendent: Mrs. Jenny Preston____________________

(Specify: MS., Miss, Mrs., Dr., Mr., Other)

District Name: Allen Independent School District Tel: (972)-727-0514___

District Mailing: 601 East Main Street Fax: (972)-727-0518_________

Address: Allen Tx. 75002

City State Zip Code

I have reviewed the information in this package, including the eligibility requirements on
page 3, and
certify that to the best of my knowledge it is accurate.

__________________________________________________Date: __________________________

(Superintendent's Signature)

Name of the School Board

President/Chairperson: Mr. John Garcia________________

(Specify: Ms., Miss, Mrs., Dr., Mr., Other)

I have reviewed the information in this package, including the eligibility requirements on
page 3,
and certify that to the best of my knowledge it is accurate.

_________________________________________ Date: __________________________________

(School Board President's/Chairperson's signature)

Preparation of School Self- Assessment

Representatives of all relevant stakeholder groups (including administrators,
other school staff, students, parents and community representatives) should be
in the preparation of the School Self-Assessment. Information about its
preparation is
required under F3 and is used in scoring that item in conjunction with the
requested below. List the individuals involved in preparation. If necessary,
additional page numbered "2a."

Name Position/Title

Alton Biggs Writer-Teacher- Allen High School

Bob Caudle Principal- Allen High School

Allen Kimball Special Educatoin Teacher/504 Coordinator

Karen Bradley House 200 Principal

Grant Clayton Social Studies Teacher

Billy Coburn Deputy Principal

Stacy Daniel Health/PE Teacher/Coach

Jill Dietz Paraprofessional Secretary

Julie Joost Foreign Language Teacher

Katie Loftus English Teacher

Cheryl Luerssen ACDEC/European History/AP Teacher

Stevie Mayberry Teacher Technology/Student Council Sponsor

Bernadette McKinney____________ Mathematics Department Head

Gail Mehno____________________ UIL Coordinator-Business Teacher
Peggy Melton Parent

Dean Moody Community Member

Bill Morrison Special Education Teacher

Steve Payne Principal Lowery Freshman Center

Shawn Risener Communications Dept. Chair

Devereux Rudd Math Teacher


Preparation of School Self- Assessment

Page Schreck Parent

Jackie Schornick Science Department Head

Susan Snyder Fine Arts Dept. Chair

Carol Souan English Department Head

Kieth Sullivan Social Studies Department Head

Sara Terry Cheerleader Sponsor/Chemistry teacher

Scott Weber Parent

Felicia Witt Science Teacher

Kim Woolley Paraprofessional Secretary

Leslie Yeary Freshman Center Representative

Maroba Zoeller AISD Administration Office Representative


Page 2a


PART I- ELIGIBLITY CERTIFICATION________________________

The signatures on the first page of this nomination package certify that each of
the statements below concerning the school's eligibility, previous recognition in
the Blue Ribbon Schools Program, and compliance with U.S. Department of
Education, Office of Civil Rights (ORC) requirements is true and correct.
[Include this page in the nomination package as page 3.]

1. The school is a middle school, a junior high, or a senior
high school. Or the school is K-12 and the middle, junior
high, and/or high school components are applying. The
entire school is applying unless the school is K-12.


    1. The school has been in existence for five full years.


    1. The school has not received national recognition as a Blue Ribbon
      School since October 1997.

    1. The nominated school or district is not refusing OCR access to
      information necessary to investigate a civil rights complaint or to
      conduct a district-wide compliance review.

    1. The OCR has not issued a violation letter of findings to the school
      district concluding that the nominated school or the district as a
      whole has violated one or more of the civil rights statutes. A
      violation letter of findings will not be considered outstanding if
      OCR has accepted a corrective action plan from the district to
      remedy the violation.


    1. The U.S. Department of Justice does not have a pending suit alleging
      that the nominated school, or the school district as a whole, has
      violated one or more of the civil rights statutes or the Constitution'
      equal protection clause.

    1. There are no findings of violations of the Individuals with Disabilities
      Education Act in a U.S. Department of Education monitoring report
      that apply to the school or school district in question; and if there are
      such findings, the state or district has corrected, or agreed to
      correct, the findings.



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