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AllenISD Blue Ribbon School Award Application

Lovejoy ISD students starting with the graduation class of 2010 will no longer attend Allen High School
Lovejoy ISD will open it's first high school Fall 2006


Part VII. Special Emphasis Area

J2. Technology
Allen High School teachers and administrators, along with the district technology department staff, developed a long-range plan for AHS. Included in the vision is the use of "Key Instructional Design Strategies" (KIDS), funded through an U. S. Department of Education Technology Innovation Challenge Grant in collaboration with several other school districts. KIDS allows parents to use computer technology to communicate about their child's current grades, attendance and work habits, and check the online calendar. It provides online resources and additional help to students and parents after the traditional school day. A major component of KIDS is Dynamic Curriculum, which assists teachers with a plan of rich curriculum that emphasizes higher-level thinking and critical analysis. Diverse Instruction in the classroom with new approaches, reviews, and self-paced strategies for mastering material is available to teachers on the KIDS web site. The KIDS online environment allows parents and teachers to discover how a particular student learns best. This integrated model balances academic and individual needs and promotes a whole-person approach to learning. By putting educational communities on the information superhighway, it utilizes all of the tools available to keep parents, teachers, and students striving for the same goals. Outcomes of the KIDS grant have included improved academic performance, increased educational opportunities for students, increased educational equity, and increased staff development opportunities.
The development of the Livewire (D3), an electronic café born in the fall of 1999, is a prime example of the innovative use of technology at Allen High School. The Livewire was designed and planned by a committee of students, architects, teachers, and administrators. From the beginning, it has been very popular with students and the community. Students have access to digital cameras, color printers, a CD burner, a scanner plus computers with a variety of software to assist they with class projects and research projects. The Livewire is open before school and after school to allow students easy access. It is also open to the community Monday through Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for extend learning opportunities.
The Virtual High School Project is a cooperative consisting of schools across the country, and in several foreign countries that offer net-courses to students in member schools is housed in the Livewire. This large-scale, highly innovative project consists of 43 Founding Schools coordinated by Hudson Public Schools with assistance from the Concord Consortium. Five years of substantial funding from the U.S. Department of Education's Technology Challenge Program will permit us to develop and expand the collaborative over the five years. Over 30 AHS juniors and seniors at a time have the opportunity to take VHS net-courses taught by teachers around the country. These students are scheduled into the Livewire for one period with times varying per student. During this time, students work on their course work which may involve email, internet research, creating presentations, participating in discussion groups and much more. Students meet weekly with the VHS Coordinator to discuss their net-course progress along with their experiences as a part of the VHS and periodically all VHS students will get together to share their experiences. Mrs. Costilla, the site coordinator, who is also a VHS instructor, will serve as a constant resource for the VHS students.
Teachers receive computer and grade book training and support from the personnel housed in the Livewire. A network administrator, computer technician and instructional support person are available on the AHS campus everyday to provide additional support to the staff. Academic and Career & Technology classes use the three computer laboratories in the library as well as the computers in their own classrooms. The school is wired for Internet access in 100% of the classrooms. Each classroom has at least two computers and a printer available for teacher and student use. Roll-around equipment is available for videoconference hookups in the classrooms; in addition, several rooms are equipped for these conferences with standard equipment. Over one hundred laptops are available for students to checkout for use at home on projects. Due to student interests, a dual credit course of internetworking (CISCO training) providing both high school credit and Collin Community College Credit was added this fall. Other computer courses include, Webmastering, Business Computer Information Systems I and II, Computer Keyboarding, Computer Applications, Computer science I & II, Engineering graphics, Architectural graphics and Media technology. Through the Collin County Community College Tech Prep Consortium, The Global Edge; access to an internet subscription service that provides Career Exploration and Career Development information is available to teachers, administrators and students. Collin County College offers various computer classes including CISCO training for college credit and continuing education on the AHS campus in the evenings. The AHS web page is an effective tool for communication between the parents, students, teachers, and the community.

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