CUE Impact Study

This study breaks down the impact of the consolidation decision into five major areas:

  1. Effect on community (Example: high-density housing)
  2. Financial effects (Example: greater than projected tax rates)
  3. Academic effects (Example: fewer offerings)
  4. Safety impact (Example: no police in Lucas)
  5. Timing effects (Example: economic conditions)

Impact Research Sources
CUE is a concerned group of citizens who have been guided by an education financial consultant and completed extensive research to determine ALL the impacts a Lovejoy secondary school will have on our communities, residents and children.

Each of these areas has research that can be backed up by Lovejoy studies and fact-finding with governing authorities.

If Lovejoy builds their own secondary schools the changes to our communities will be irreversible. Whether you have children or not, your taxes, lifestyle, and property values will be affected by this decision.

The majority of our school board and administration are biased for separation and have, we believe, failed to make a sound financial and academic case for building secondary schools in Lovejoy. Their presentation of information to the public has not been objective information and has many omissions, especially in the area of community impact.

There are no signs to mark where the proposed high school and middle schools will be.

Please help us get all the facts to our communities. Our board and administration have the responsibility to our citizens to be forthcoming with ALL information.

With consolidation of LovejoyISD & AllenISD, we have a proven Blue Ribbon high school with excellent academic, athletic, arts and extracurricular programs. Our communities, in a consolidated district, have the unique opportunity to create a satellite school that could serve as a technology or arts center. Our communities' country lifestyle can be preserved.

You can request the documents used for this research by filing an Open Records Act at the Lovejoy administration building. (Genesis Partnership Report; the Lovejoy (SangerISD) budget; bond amortization schedule; & Moak & Casey report.)

With consolidation, we are not losing Lovejoy schools, they will still be here with the same teachers and neighbors. The only thing that changes is the district we are in. Allen has proven it can do a great job at BOTH elementary AND secondary. Why would we want to risk the financial and academic viability of our school district?

Please vote "FOR" Consolidation

February 1st, 2003.
Your vote is important.

If you would like to help please contact someone at

[Community] [Financial] [Academic] [Safety] [Timing]





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