Lovejoy ISD uses Children for Political Purposes

Parents' trust misplaced when Lovejoy uses their children as political pawns!

Red Ribbon Day is a day to teach children not to use drugs.

Year 2002, Lovejoy ISD requested that Lovejoy parents dress their children in red for Red Ribbon Day.
Hart children were to be bussed to Lovejoy elementary for Red Ribbon Day festivities.

This was a turbulent time in Lovejoy's history. The community was facing a decision to build secondary schools or consolidate with the Allen ISD district where Lovejoy's secondary students had been educated for the past 25 years. The community was divided.

Lovejoy children under the guise of Red Ribbon Week were herded into little formations and had an aerial photo taken of them. This photo was only used in meeting presentations to generate support for a bond package to build secondary schools. It's only purpose was political.

The children of parents who opposed building schools were among those children manipulated into a formation that spelled out "Lovejoy". Their parents were not notified that their children would be used in this photo or the purpose of the photo.
Lovejoy parents believed that they were sending their children off that morning to get an education, not to be used for political propaganda.
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The Lovejoy administration, staff, and parents involved in this undertaking knew that some parents were working hard to consolidate with Allen ISD and would be completely opposed to having their children used in this photo. Lovejoy abused the trust placed in them when they chose to use their children anyway.

When you hand your child over to someone for thousands of hours of unsupervised education, are they doing what you think they are doing with your child?

Is Lovejoy doing something with your child that they know you would strongly object to?

First Hand Account from Nine Year Old

Parents of one boy, used in this photo, were VERY opposed to Lovejoy building secondary schools.
They were so strongly opposed that they have sold their home in Lovejoy ISD at a loss and left the district to attend Allen ISD.

They would never have approved of their son being used in this photo - had they been asked.

The parents were never asked for permission, nor were they told that their son had been used in this manner. They found out much later, quite by accident......

First hand account from their 9 year old little boy:
"They gave us red balloons that we had written our names on, and what we wanted to be when we grew up. We let them go and they floated in the air, some over to the backyards of kids who went to Lovejoy.

They walked us out to the field and we stood in letters. I stood in "J". We were spelling out Lovejoy for a photo for Red Ribbon Week. A plane flew over us and took our picture, I think it was a Cessna."