January 25, 2008


The following charts show core course offerings in Lovejoy ISD’s secondary schools.  Core classes are defined as Mathematics, English, Science & History/Social Studies. 


MIDDLE SCHOOL               Regular            Pre-AP                        Gifted

Grade 6                                   0                      4                      4                     

Grade 7                                   0                      4                      4

Grade 8                                   0                      5                      4


HIGH SCHOOL                    Regular            Pre-AP            Gifted              AP

                                                Tier III            Tier II              Tier II              Tier I

Grade 9                                   0                      4                      3                      -                      

Grade 10                                 0                      5                      5                      1

Proposed 11th                          0                      4                      -                      6



Detail showing current list of middle school classes:


Grade 6                      

Math 6  [Special Education]

    Mitchell Period(s): 2nd and 6th 

Math 6 Pre-AP                                               Math 6 Pre AP GT

    Lloyd Period(s): All                                        Belzer Period(s): all

    Moody Period(s): 1/2; 3/4

    Neufeld Period(s): All

    Sutton Period(s): 1, 2                                                         

English 6 Pre-AP                                           English 6 Gifted and Talented

    Anderson                                                         Love Period(s):  All

    Cooper Period(s): All

    Hendrix Period(s): All

    Love Period(s): All

Science 6 Pre-AP                                           Science 6 Pre AP GT

    Carevic Period(s): All                                     Moody Period(s): All

    Cooper Period(s): 7/8B

    Moody Period(s): 7/8 A&B

    Simmons Period(s): All

Social Studies 6 Pre-AP                                 Humanities 6 Social Studies GT

    Bellar Period(s): All                                        Bellar Period(s): All

    Parker Period(s): All


Grade 7

Math 7/8  [Special Education]

    Mitchell Period(s): 3rd and 7th       

Math 7 Pre-AP                                               Math 7 Pre-AP GT

    Arnold Period(s): All                                      Hudson

    Cowan Period(s): All                                      Timmons Period(s): 5/6

    Hudson Period(s): All

English 7 Pre AP                                            English 7 Gifted and Talented

    Bellows Period(s): All                                     Bellows Period(s): All

    Bettge Period(s): All                                       Bettge Period(s):  All

    Newport Period(s): 1

Science 7 Pre-AP                                           Science 7 Pre AP GT

    Carpenter Period(s): All                                  Carpenter Period(s): All

    Reeves Period(s): All

    Simmons Period(s): All

Social Studies 7 Pre-AP TX History             Humanities 7 TX History GT

    Fuller Period(s): All                                        Scott Period(s):  All

    Iannazzo Period(s): All                                   Smith

    Scott Period(s): All


Grade 8

Pre-Algebra 8 Pre-AP

    Goddard Period(s): All

Math 8 Pre-AP Algebra I                               Math 8 Pre AP Geometry GT

    Harvell Period(s): All                                      Harvell Period(s):  All

    Vaughn Period(s): All

English 8 Pre-AP                                           English 8 Gifted and Talented

    Anderson                                                         Snodgrass Period(s):  All

    Snodgrass Period(s): All

    Ward Period(s): All

Reading Strategies for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades  [Dyslexia]

    Covington Period(s): 5th Period A/B days

Resource Language Arts  [Special Education]

    Sakuda Period(s): All         

Science 8 Pre-AP                                           Science 8 Pre AP GT

    Abney Period(s): All                                       Simmons-Brooks Period(s): A3/4 B3/4

    Simmons-Brooks Period(s): 2, 5/6A, 5/6B, & 8

Social Studies 8 Pre-AP U.S. History           Humanities 8 U.S. History GT

    Gauer Period(s): All                                        Gauer Period(s): All

    Jennings Period(s): All

    Novicke Period(s): All


(Source:  Lovejoy Middle School website)




Detail showing current list of high school classes:

Grade 9:

Algebra 1 [Pre AP]                                       

    Taylor Period(s): 5th/6th A, 7th, 8th               

9th Grade ESL

    Martin Period(s): 3rd

Pre-AP English I                                                        Pre AP English I GT

    Thompson:  2nd, 3rd/4th A, 5th/6th B                      Weber : 3rd & 4th

    Weber Period(s): 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th                                                         

Biology [Pre-AP]                                                       Biology (GT)

    Christensen: 3rd/4th A&B, 5th/6th A&B

    Dollinger: 1st, 3rd/4th A&B, 5th/6th A&B, 7th

World Geography [Pre AP]                                       World Geography (GT)

    Evans: 1st, 3rd/4th B, 5th/6th A&B, 7th, 8th

    Kear Period(s): 2nd, 3rd/4th A&B




Grade 10:

Algebra 2 [Pre AP]                                                    Algebra 2 GT

    Anderson Period(s): 3/4-B, 5/6-B, 7                            Anderson Period(s): 5/6-B, 7

Geometry [Pre AP]                                                    Geometry GT

    Douglas Period(s): 3rd/4th A&B, 5th/6th A             Anderson Period(s): 2, 5/6-A, 8

    Regan Period(s): 3rd/4th A&B, 5th/6th A&B        Pre-Cal GT

    Taylor Period(s): 1st, 2nd                                                           McKinney Period(s): 2nd

10th Grade ESL

Pre-AP English II                                                      Pre AP English II GT

    Motsney: 2nd, 3rd/4th A&B, 5th/6th B                     Pabst Period(s): 3rd/4th A&B

    Pabst: 1st, 2nd, 7th

Chemistry I [Pre AP]

    Beimer Period(s): 1st, 3rd/4th B

    Taylor : 3rd/4th A&B, 5th/6th A&B, 7th, 8th

World History [Pre-AP]                                             World History (GT)

    Finn Period(s): 5th/6th B, 7th                                      Finn Period(s): 5th/6th A

    Herrema: 3rd/4th A&B, 5th/6th A&B

AP World History   

    Finn: 1st, 2nd, 5th/6th A




1)      Main Lovejoy High School website which omits “Pre AP” in course names.

2)      The Spotlight, pdf course guide online.  No regular core courses are named, only Pre AP, GT, or AP.







Grade 11 


Proposed by Lovejoy school board for 2008-2009 school year:

                                                                                    AP Calculus AB

Pre AP English III                                                     AP English III

Pre AP Anatomy and Physiology                              AP Biology II

Pre AP Physics I                                                        AP Chemistry II

Pre AP U.S. History                                                  AP U.S. History

                                                                                    AP Environmental Science



Lovejoy voted not to fund Tier III (Regular) core academic classes in its high school.  It voted to provide only Tier II (Pre AP)  or Tier I (AP) courses at its last school board meeting.


(Source:  Dec. 18, 2007 School board meeting, Agenda Packet: 

Item #10:  Consider Secondary Course Offerings    Executive Summary Secondary Course Offerings.doc    0809Secondary Course Offerings.doc


Item #13:  EIC (LOCAL) Academic Achievement    Executive Summary EIC local.doc    EIC_policy.doc)