February 1, 2003 Lovejoy ISD / Allen ISD Consolidation Election and Election Judge

Postcard from Linda Schenck, Lovejoy Elections Judge for the Feb 1st, 2003 Consolidation election. Linda Schenck used her position as Republican Precinct Chairman and Elections Judge inappropriately.

This postcard was sent to LovejoyISD residents a few days before the Consolidation Election.
Linda Schenck, Elections Judge for the consolidation election, was holding the only key to the only lock on the early voting ballot box, in violation of the Texas Election Code.
Lovejoy superintendent and school board are responsible for hiring the elections judge. This was brought to the attention of several school board members, and they refused to take action.
Lovejoy superintendent and school board rehired Linda Schenck to run the Bond Election and School Board Election with full knowledge of these actions.

Linda Schenck also served on the "Committee of 40", the purpose of which was to decide for Lovejoy residents whether Lovejoy should build secondary schools.

Response from the Secretary of State's office:

Section 85.032 of the Texas Election Code requires the ballot box in which voters deposit their marked early voting ballots to have two locks, each with a different key. In addition to the locks, the box must be kept sealed with seals that have unique serial numbers. The early voting clerk keeps the key to one of the locks, and the constable (or if there is no constable in the area, then the sheriff) keeps the key to the second lock.

Response from Lovejoy administration:

Lovejoy ISD, for the Feb 1st, 2003, Consolidation election had only one lock and a seal on the early voting ballot box and were informed by the Secretary of State's Office that a second lock must be placed on the box. No additional lock was placed on the ballot box as required.

From Dallas Morning News article: 01/31/2003 By MIKE JACKSON / The Dallas Morning News

Some proponents of the merger have complained that an election judge, who will work during the election at a voting precinct, has circulated postcards opposing consolidation.
"Vote against consolidation," Linda Schenck wrote on the postcards mailed to voters.
Lovejoy Superintendent Carol Ray said she was aware of the postcards and voter concerns but said Ms. Schenck wasn't in conflict with voting laws and that she had a right to express an opinion. Ms. Schenck couldn't be reached for comment Thursday.
"My understanding is, they [election judges] don't lose their freedom of speech rights," Dr. Ray said. "I know her to be a woman of integrity. She's not a school employee. She's just an election judge."



For more information on elections laws please visit the Secretary of State's office.