Changes are coming!

How will your family be affected?

  • Elementary class size will increase to the same size as Allen's. Lovejoy secondary class size will probably be greater than Allen's.

  • Our tax rates are going up! Allen's tax rate will drop long before ours will. Ours may never come down.

  • No commercial tax support for Lovejoy schools. LISD residents bear 97% of the tax burden. AllenISD residents bear only 74%.

  • Will the current decrease in home values affect Lovejoy's projected budget based on 8-10% yearly property value increase?

  • If the Lovejoy school district fails or does not perform well, how much will your property value fall? Will you be able to sell your home and leave the district?

  • Our board is considering pulling back current 8th graders and below in their senior year(2006). Current 10th graders could be pulled back if Allen chooses not to continue to educate our kids at a loss after 2004. Until you see a signed transition agreement between our districts your kids are at risk!
  • Allen committed to building a second high school by 2007 if we consolidate.

  • How will Lovejoy meet mandated Federal requirements at the secondary level for special needs kids. Can they afford to?

  • 6th graders will be housed in the same building as 12th graders.

  • What resources and training will be available to our teachers?

  • Does our board and administration have experience in building, staffing and operating a secondary school?

    Get answers to these questions Oct 22nd, 7PM Curtis Middle School and Oct 24, 7PM, Lovejoy Elementary at the joint Allen/Lovejoy meetings.

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