Lovejoy Secondary Operations Budget

For three years, the LovejoyISD Administration and school board have refused to provide the public with a secondary OPERATIONS budget after repeated requests from taxpayers.

The Lovejoy school board and administration, year 2002-2003, based their decision to build secondary schools on a budget from SangerISD. This is an EXISTING secondary school district that in no way compares to the unique demographics and expectations in Lovejoy ISD. An operations budget will show what academic and extracurricular offerings Lovejoy can afford to offer when the high school opens Fall 2006.

Lovejoy parents and taxpayers who want Lovejoy ISD to provide this information to the public have three courses of action:

  1. Contact your school board members and request to get the presentation of the secondary operations budget placed on the school board agenda.

  2. Print off a copy of the petition, sign it, get your neighbors signatures, and mail or fax the petition to the Legislative Budget Board.

    Legislative Budget Board
    P.O. Box 12666
    Capitol Station
    Austin, Texas 78711

    FAX:(512) 475-2902
    PHONE:(512) 463-1200

  3. Contact your local representative and ask for their help in obtaining financial information concerning LovejoyISD's secondary operations.

    Who represents me?

    A general idea of who represents Lovejoy residents:
    Ken Paxton - Allen & Fairview
    Jodie Laubenberg - Lucas


Current Lovejoy school board and administration

Rich Hickman - President
Sue Hoffman
John Walsh
Lynette McDonald
Elena Westbrook
Ann Casey
Mike Guilbeau

Carol Ray - Superintendent
Shay Adams - Asst. superindent of Business Services

The Lovejoy school board and administration who voted unanimously to create new secondary schools for Lovejoy.

Rich Hickman - President
Scott Drablos - vacated board seat at term completion (May 2003 - one month after successful bond election to build secondary schools)
Gary Rodenbaugh - vacated board seat at term completion (May 2003 - one month after successful bond election to build secondary schools)
John Helm - vacated board seat at term completion (May 2004)
Bettye Petree - vacated board seat at term completion (May 2004), sold house in LovejoyISD and moved (summer 2004)
Sue Hoffman - reelected 2004
John Walsh

Carol Ray - Superintendent
Robert Puster - financial consultant





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